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Are you preparing a will, or sensitive documents that you would like to share with people? Want to avoid unnecessary awkwardness or sensitive disagreements that may result because of this. What if there was a way for you to make sure your loved ones can get the documents you prepared for them, after your passing?

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One Less Worry

TIME SECURED will save you those sleepless nights wondering if they have the most up to date documents, or if they lose or forget any hardcopies you had given them. It will also save you from sharing sensitive wishes or instructions before really having to do so.

Easy Setup

The TIME SECURED App is the first app dedicated to this type of service. Just set up an account to upload your information and document into “vaults”. These vaults will be accessible to you and to people you select, at a time of your choosing.

Fully Customizable

You set when and how they have access. In case you are not around, they will be able to request access to your “vault” and upon confirmation will get all the documents you had intended for them.

Ensuring Easy Access

All the beneficiary has to do is submit a request for access and validate, through a set process. An alert will be sent to you to confirm if this is ok with a wait period determined by you. You can choose to reject the request or simply do nothing to allowing access as intended – no hassle, no problems.


The TIME SECURED App makes everything from creating the document vaults, to adding beneficiaries and setting the access timelines a simple process. The easy to use App is your tool to make sure your loved ones get the information you want them to have, when you want them to.

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The TIME SECURED APP will allow you to access its full features in an easy layout and simple to use design. Download the App today for either your IOS or android smartphone platforms to get started.


Your personal digital vault, and your best shot at making your cherished documents a legacy.

Time Secured first started as a solution to a problem we as developers faced. We lost loved ones, family members, and best friends that left us lost and overwhelmed, and wishing we had something to remind us of them. This included important documents, old pictures, writings, and sensitive secrets - Small but important things that belonged to them and that if we had access to, would make their memory live forever, enabling us to have material tokens of cherished moments available every time we miss our dear ones a little more than usual.

As the forward-thinking developers we are, we went straight to the drawing board with one simple concept in mind: Create a secure, cloud-based vault for people to store every file, document, and image in to make their memory last forever.

And that’s exactly what we created: a platform that you have complete control over, that can keep your documents of choice and your will safe and sound decades after your passing, and that your loved ones get the memories and the closure they deserve.

Complete accessibility on all mobile platforms.

When developing Time Secured, we also wanted to make sure that whatever you leave behind, truly looks and feels like you, and can be accessed by any of your loved ones no matter their age, their technical knowledge, or the device they’re using. This is why Time Secured is completely customizable, with different themes, color palettes, and separable into multiple vaults. Time Secured is also available on the Apple store and Google play, and only takes a few minutes to set up and start storing. Because time, as life constantly teaches us, is of the essence.


Time Secured started when there was a noticeable gap for tools that allow a person to share their final will, or other important documents, after they pass.

For a number of reasons people may not want to share some sensitive information with their loved ones while they are alive, but they want to make sure they have this information once they pass.

Time Secured was created to solve this problem, helping both the person who is creating the documents and those who receive it, with an easy process.

A “Vault” is a digital box of one or more documents. Once created a vault can be updated and edited as many times as you want. You may share one or more vaults with any of your beneficiaries.

A passing vault is the main reason for the app. It allows you to share the vault and its contents in a way that makes sure your beneficiary or beneficiaries can get the files in the vault you created, even after you pass away.

If you pass away, the chosen beneficiary can request access to the information through a link in the email they receive; which will be sent to them after you add them to the vault.

When the request is made, the user who created the vault will get an alert. The user can reject access to the file request within a defined number of days, if they are still alive or don’t want to share the documents just yet. The number of days duration is chosen by the user when the vault is created by them.

But if there is no rejection, the beneficiary will be sent all the files in the vault through the selected beneficiary email.

The trigger vault is an added feature to the Time Secured app. It allows the user to create a vault and set a date and time to share the vault with the selected beneficiary.

There is no email request required, when the time for the vault arrives, the documents will be automatically shared with the beneficiary by email.

It is a great way to share information if you know the exact time you want to do so. Once you set the time trigger, just forget about it and Time Secured will make sure the documents are sent on time to the chosen beneficiaries.

This can be useful if you want to share documents to children once they reach a certain age or after a certain event. It can also be useful for sharing signed documents and agreements at a specific time for example.

A “Beneficiary” is a person you select and assign a vault to. You can share a vault with more than one beneficiary (for example your son and your attorney). You can also share more than one vault with any beneficiary (for example a will and a personal letter placed in two separate vaults). When you select a beneficiary, it is important to include their latest contact information.
The Beneficiary will get an email once a vault is shared with them. They can request to access the vault at any time, and you, as the creator of the vault can either reject their request (they can try again later in the future) or do nothing and allow them access after a set period of time.

An email will be sent to them with instructions on how to access the vault if it is a “Passing” vault. They They will request access and if the creator of the vault does not reject their request, they will be able to access the vault and download the documents.

For a “Trigger” vault they will be sent the documents at the specified time automatically.

Depending on the subscription level; for “Standard Subscription” users can upload up to 10MB worth of documents and files such as word, text, excel, and PDF files.

For “Premium Subscription” users, they may upload up to 100MB worth of files permitted in the Standard Subscription, plus a number of multimedia files such as pictures, audio and video.

We might expand this if there is a need to do so in the future.

You will be able to upload a scan copy of your final will, much alike any other file. Please note that uploading a final will to Time Secured may not be enough for a court to determine that the will is valid. In many places they still require to see the original document of the final will, and having an email or scan may not be enough.

Please check with your local area to see what the requirements are, including whether a will needs to be notarized or not.

You may still upload copies of your final will to Time Secured where it will be kept safe, along with confidential instructions of where your original final will document is located. For example you may provide the safe access number if your will is located in a particular safe box, the login information if it is nationally registered, or a instructions on the location if it is in the house.

We are working hard to allow future vaults to contain additional file formats, if you are interested in specific formats please let us know so that we can update you once the option is available.
We have a number of general document templates in our “Document Templates” tab under the “Help” menu of the app. You may download and customize them as you like and then re-upload them into the app to include in your vaults.
Absolutely! We take security very seriously and our vaults are 256-bit SSL encrypted for security purposes and we continue to upgrade our encryption software to ensure the safety of your documents. For more details, please contact us.
Once the information in the vaults are shared, the vaults and the documents within them will remain as they are so long as the subscription fees continue to be paid; or if the user modifies and changes them through their account.

They will be kept so long as the subscription fees are made. If the subscription payment is not made, a warning will be sent to the user by email to make payment within a month. If a payment is not made, the account, vaults and documents will be deleted.

If the user cancels the account at any time by choice, the account and its contents will be deleted within a two-week period.

Time Secured will delete all the relevant files from the database. Time Secured will not keep any future copies of deleted vaults and the files contained within them.

All new users will receive a free 1 month trial period, following which they will have the option of a either a monthly subscription of $2.5 USD or a yearly flat fee of $20 USD for a “Standard Subscription” which allows document uploads up to 10 MB.

For multimedia uploads, such as audio, pictures and video, in addition to documents with our “Premium Subscription” the monthly rate is $5.25 USD and a yearly flat fee of $50 USD. A maximum file size of 100 MB is permitted under this subscription.

You may cancel your account at any time by email or the “Contact Us” tab, however any recently processed monthly or yearly fees will not be refunded. We can only cancel your account and delete your documents and settings, however we can not stop your automatic payments. To avoid recurring automatic payment, please cancel your subscription directly with either Apple Store or Google Play.
Please contact us directly via email to resolve any technical questions you may have in operating either the app or the website.

We are looking to adding existing additional features in the future such as increased file size uploads and creating a more streamlined process and interface.

This is an app for you, so any comments or feedback you may have would be welcome. If you would like any additional features, we would be happy to look into it and respond back on where we end up.


If you have a question or need support, we are here for you. We are ready to answer your questions and look forward to recieving any feedback you may have. We treat your concerns and comments as a priority.

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